Club & Captain Administration/Information

Quick Check Calendar  2023-24

  • 1 Aug :   Please return your League & Cup entry forms back to Nigel  (twbl.match.secretary@gmail.com)
  • 20 Aug :  Return your TWBL Singles Entry Form to Nigel please   
  • 25 Sept :  Return your 4s Player Handicapping Form to Nigel please  
  • 30 Sept :  Latest date for return of League Membership & Team Captain forms and your Club Fixture lists to Nigel  
  • 1 Oct :  Official start of our League playing season 
  • 5 Feb :  Latest date for any new or amended player handicap requests to Nigel ahead of our next meeting
  • 15 May :  Official end of our League match playing season
  • 21 May :  Composite Cup Finals
  • 14 June :  End of Season Awards and Social Event
  • 8 July :  TWBL AGM   please can all clubs try and attend. Thank you

TWBL Committee meetings 2023-24 - Generally these take place once every two months throughout the season. We discuss issues that may have been brought to our attention by our clubs/players at all of our meetings along with any new player handicap requests from clubs for our 4s divisions. Our final meeting will be on Thursday 16 May.

Chairman:  stuart.twbl@gmail.com 

You will find important and relevant information in this table:

       --  NEW 2023/24 FORMS --

If you require a manual entry e-scorecard for our main team matches, please  Click Here

Has a match been postponed?  Please use this form  -   Match Postponement Form

The TWBL has produced a 2024 updated data protection policy (GDPR) - Click Here

Lastly, for Team Captains in the 4s events - 

Just to clarify, in doubles matches where handicaps are being used, the combined handicaps are divided by two to give the average for the pair. Only then are the BE Tables used for the starting off point in the game. We also suggest that before printing off your 4 player e-scorecard for a match, you fill out the names of your team members so that the games are populated with the correct names for each game electronically. This gives you a little less work to do at the start of the match itself! 

Last updated: Sunday 26 May